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December 3, 2018

When I was young, I always wanted to do something active and creative. I ended up in coaching in both sports and languages, as well as blogging about a healthy lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that is not only active but presents creative challenges on the daily. Have you ever asked yourself where do the passion and strength come from to encourage others?


I grew up an athlete. I was always running around and being active, but never really paid attention to what I ate. Food was just something that gave me an instant boost of energy and the habits of eating meals have been passed down from my family.

When you think of an active lifestyle, it doesn’t correlate with what it’s a healthy lifestyle. From my own experience, feeling healthy and full of energy comes from fueling my body with the right nutrients, rather than running extra miles. It actually takes very little moving to get your blood flowing and muscles to action, while the major part comes from food, hydration, and rest.

How well you know those differences prove once you venture out into the world on your own. It’s normally about the time when you go to college. It’s the first time when you realize you have to take care of yourself and that it’s up to you how you take care of your body fully. It’s the time when you acquire new freedom and especially if you’re not in a group, you also lose some of the structure you have known from before.

There are no coaches standing behind you and telling you what to do. So, now, as a coach, I want my students and clients to understand how the body works and what they need to do to achieve their goals fully. Lean on people who have gone through similar changes that you’re going through. Talk things out. Sometimes even hearing yourself speak about “issues” illuminates the light onto them and all of a sudden you’re presented with solutions. If that’s not the easiest way to success?

Don’t be shy to ask for advice.

Anything you do, it shouldn’t be fueled by fear. Let alone don’t let it become an addiction. It is, therefore, wise to understand what healthy nutrition and healthy habits actually mean. So, don’t get trapped in prohibiting yourself to do certain things out of indulgence. A little piece of chocolate can give you just the right boost to conquer one of your tasks. Just keep it in moderation.

Open up about the feelings to the people around you. Your experience may resonate closely with what your friends are going through. Then finding ladies out there that go through the same struggles can actually help you overcome your own. Don’t compare yourself to others, rather chase goals that come from within you. Remember what overcoming fear feels like. Maybe your path is to use the experiences that you’ve gone through to help others. Is that not empowering enough?

The better you are able to care for your body, the better the self-image you’ll have. The better self-image you have, the better the energy you radiate. The more positive energy you’re surrounded with, the easier you tackle your tasks and the better you feel. That energy easily rubs on to others and you become the light of the party.

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