Effects of Yoga on Pregnant Women 

August 3, 2017

When pregnant, women normally have a lot of fatigue, back pains and sometimes mood swings. Owing to the fact that they are carrying around a baby, practicing Yoga can be difficult. However there are exercises that pregnant women can do to improve their wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of their unborn babies. All you need to do is to know the positions to practice so as to be sure it is safe for you and your baby. The amniotic fluid acts as a shock absorber but when you do vigorous activities, you could end up hurting your baby. Yoga exercises are the simplest kind of exercises that pregnant women can do without getting any injury or harm to their babies.

It Improves Circulation to the Placenta 

There is a term called placental insufficiency. This is when the placenta cannot carry enough nutrients to the baby. A lot of factors can cause this condition but when you do Yoga, you can make the placental blood flow sufficient for the baby. Yoga exercises are also known to increase immunity which further prevents your unborn baby from catching infections. Since Yoga enhances placental blood flow and improves the immunity of the mother, it promotes safe and healthy intrauterine growth of the fetus. Doing yoga exercises from early pregnancy helps you to achieve good maternal health until you reach your deliver time.

Good Descent of the Baby 

When you are approaching your delivery time, the baby must descend from the upper abdominal region to the pelvic region. The presenting part is supposed to be the head. In some cases, babies refuse to rotate and as a result they stay in a transverse position. This makes delivery difficult for the woman. To avoid this, practicing yoga daily can help your baby to present itself appropriately. You will not have to push for long when your delivery time comes. Do the Yoga twice a week and you will have higher chances of delivering safely and easily.

Increase in Blood Production

When you are pregnant, your plasma levels increase in the body. Your red blood cells become insufficient and you can end up becoming anemic. When you practice yoga every day, your red blood cell production is going to be enhanced and you will have enough red blood cells. This will help you make it through your pregnancy without fatigue, tiredness or any kind of condition in your body. Red blood cells are needed by your fetus so they should be in high amounts for you to make it to your delivery time in good health.

The bottom line is that yoga exercises make pregnant women healthy throughout their gestational period. Caution should be taken when doing the exercises to avoid hurting the baby inside. Make sure that you do only exercises that are lower in intensity as you risk bleeding. Intense exercises can escalate early labor especially when carried out after 34 weeks of pregnancy. Practicing three sessions of Yoga per week is enough to enhance good maternal health.

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