Boat Pose

October 12, 2019

Yoga is empowering and helps in embracing our body and mind in great acceptance. One of the best poses that helps in flexing and strengthening the hip as you balance the body on the sides by sitting with your sitting bone support is the boat pose. It is also called as the Navasana and is a beginner pose in yoga. It is a type of Ashtanga yoga and is of an intermediate level. Its regular practice helps in mastering the pose.

As you extend your arms and legs while performing the pose, the hamstrings and the digestive system are stretched. It helps in strengthening the abdomen, vertebral column, and hip area. While performing the pose, one needs to stay firm and steady by drawing the spine, pelvis, chest, abdomen, and frontal area of the trunk to the center. Regular practice helps in improving breathing and brings peace.

How To Perform The Pose

It is easy to perform the pose, but taking control of the posture is very important. Here are the step-by-step instructions on performing the pose:

  • Sit straight on the mat and start by stretching out your legs in front of you. Place your hand on the floor, little behind the hips, and lean back slightly by lifting your sternum. Lean back and make sure that the back is straightened and is not rounded.
  • Sitting with the support of your sitting bone and tailbone, exhale and bend your knees to lift the feet off the floor. Keep the thighs at an angle of 45 to 50 degrees with respect to the floor. Lift the pubis towards your navel and straighten your knees by stretching the legs. Raise the tips of your toes.
  • Stretch the arms parallel to each other and position the shoulder blades across the back. For beginners, you can take support by keeping the hands beside your hips or on the floor.
  • Keep the lower belly flat and lift the top of the sternum and breathe easily. Hold the pose for 10 to 20 seconds, and you can easily hold it for longer with regular practice. 


  • Regular practice helps in strengthening the spine and abdomen and flexes the hip area. It helps in activating the kidneys, intestines, prostate glands, etc.
  • It is a great stress buster and helps in maintaining proper balance and body stabilization.
  • It helps in improving digestion by properly massaging the abdominal organs and helps in strengthening the digestive system.
  • It helps in toning and strengthening the reproductive system.

Mistakes And Contradictions

The asana must be avoided in certain circumstances, and hence, doing it under certain health conditions ends up being a mistake. It must not be performed when one is suffering from conditions like asthma, headaches, insomnia, low blood pressure, menstruation, pregnancy, abdominal injuries, etc. Do not perform without support of a wall in case you are suffering from neck injuries. Do not use uncomfortable clothing, and the use of cotton yoga shorts is recommended.

How To Perform Perfectly

The best time to perform the pose is early morning on an empty stomach. As a beginner, try the pose by sitting on a chair and gradually extending your knees at a 90-degree angle. Extend the arms firmly and raise your heels. The perfect way to do this is to gradually try a little more every day and is best if performed under supervision.

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